Edge City - Introduction

This is the record of a drive parallel to the one Justin McGuirk drove around the periphery of São Paulo on December 8th, 2010. This drive, though, was made in front of a laptop screen and looking out through Google street view.

What Justin saw during his drive is described in the ebook 'Edge City Driving the Periphery of São Paulo' published by Strelka Press.

When this ebook came out (and for only £2) I didn't hesitate in buying it. Reading the piece was an absorbing experience. This 'long-form of journalism' as Justin calls it, 'part road trip and part urban critique' with is continuous stream of sharp observations placed into context by well researched facts and historical references, had the power to make me imagine that I was sitting there in the car with him and his companions.

It made me want to know more about these roads, spaces and neighborhoods so I set up to attempt and do the same drive via Street View.

All images are screen grabs from Google Street View and are documented in a Google map linked here. The images contain a few descriptions which I am quoting from the ebook.

You can browse the photo gallery right here but I suggest you to look at it at a larger size