Venice Finnish Pavilion 360

Architect: OOPEAA Office for peripheral architecture.

A piece of Architecture is really never the work of one person, it is the work of a group of people, in this sense it is about collaboration, exchange and dialogue. With this project, exchange, dialogue and collaboration are used by architect Ansi Lassila to question the concept of "the copy".

An original installation created in collaboration with Finnish carpenters was to be copied by Chinese team of builders using local Chinese materials as part of the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB). However pretty soon during the planning process, the new object took a form of its own; changing a lot from the original while retaining the initial preoccupations about space, natural light, making, construction. 

I highly encourage you to view this panorama tour in full screen mode.

From the Museum of Finnish Architecture press-release:

"Re-Creation is a tangible, experiential interpretation of Finnish and Chinese conceptions of space. The installation also explores the theme of originality and copyability: What does space, in its most basic form, represent in two different cultures? How does an original concept adapt to local conditions and materials in a new cultural context?

Re-Creation is a collaboration between Anssi Lassila, Teemu Hirvilammi and their team of assistants. The Finnish part of the installation was constructed by master carpenter Kari Virtanen (Nikari Oy) and his assistants Mikko Merz, Jussi Nordberg and Laura Mattila. Construction of the Chinese part was overseen by Gigi Leung (Gi-Space). The installation was documented by Tuomo Tammenpää, Pekka Turunen and Ville Tanttu. The project is a co-production with the Finnish Centre for Architecture, with additional support from the KONE Foundation and the Alfred Kordelin Foundation."