Diversity Destroyed / Berlin 1933-1938-1945

In the Lustgarten between the Berlin Cathedral, Schinkel’s Alte Museum and the building site for the reconstruction of the Stadschloss (former site for the DDR’s Palast der Republik) I found another of the open air exhibitions belonging to the ‘Diversity Destroyed’ Umbrella of exhibits which mark the anniversaries of the Nazi regime’s accession to power in 1933 and the pogroms of 1938 and describe the brutal establishment of the Nazi dictatorship and the persecution of the city’s Jewish population.

This particular exhibit consists of an urban memorial called “Resistance and the Public Sphere” and a “Portraits exhibition”. The theme Resistance and the Public Sphere highlights the Lustgarten’s important role in the socio political process which portrayed the destruction of diversity as a triumph for the Nazi policy of assimilation and control, and a victory for the ‘national revolution’.

The portraits exhibition consists of 37 advertisement columns (Litfaßsäule) each with 6 portraits which tell the story of well-known personalities such as Albert Einstein alongside lesser known musicians, photographers, artists, writers, architects, actors and more.

Top left: Walter Gropius / 1883-1969. Architect.
Bottom left: Fritzi Massary / 1882-1969. Opereta singer.
Bottom right: Max Pallenberg / 1877–1934. Actor.

Top left: Erich Maria Remarque / 1898–1970. Author.
Bottom left: Leo Blech / 1871–1958. Composer and conductor.
Top right: Maria Leo / 1873-1942. women’s rights activist, pianist and music teacher.
Bottom right: Victor Hollaender / 1866–1940. Composer and theater director.

Top left: Fritz Lang / 1890–1976. Director.
Bottom left: Lotte Lenya / 1898–1981. Actress and singer.
Top right: Max Reinhardt / 1873–1943. Stage director, actor and theatre director.
Bottom right: Hans Otto / 1900–1933. Actor.

Top left: Julius Bab / 1880–1955. Theatre critic and author.
Bottom left: Alexander Kipnis / 1891–1978. Opera singer.
Top right: Hugo Simon / 1880–1950. Banker and patron of the arts.
Bottom right: Alfred Flechtheim / 1878–1937. Art dealer and publisher.
Centre Top: Bertolt Brecht / 1898–1956. Playwright.
Centre bottom: Erich Mendelsohn / 1887–1953. Architect.

Top left: Dajos Béla / 1897–1978. Violonist and band-leader.
Bottom left: Rose Pauly / 1894–1975. Soprano.
Top right: Gertrude Sandmann / 1893–1981. Painter and graphic artist.
Bottom right: Robert Musil / 1880–1942. Author.
Centre Top: Alfred Polgar / 1873–1955. Cultural critic and journalist.
Centre bottom: Alfred Kantorowicz / 1899–1979. Writer and publicist.

Top left: Lotte Jacobi / 1896–1990. Photographer.
Bottom left: Sebastian Haffner / 1907–1999. Lawyer and journalist.
Top right: Willy Rosen / 1894–1944. Musician.
Bottom right: Hans Poelzig / 1869–1936. Architect, set designer for theatre and film.