Neighbouring the Britzer Garten on its eastern side there is a garden colony “Zur Windmühle” and on the centre of it, on a small public space I stumbled onto this striking and strange structure. A kind of primitive object, roots growing from the ground , to me it feels like an elephant or its skeleton, immovable forever. From a distance it seems to be made out of wood but it is actually a mix of concrete and mud.
Later on the internet I found out that it is a “Tor”, a gate, a sculptural piece by painter and sculptor Eckhard Haisch, and its name is “Ramificazione”. It was created in 1983 and was part of the Bundesgartenschau Berlin of 1985, the first and so far only Garden show to have occurred in Berlin. 2017 wil see a garden show again in this city in the gardens of Marzahn and it will be an international one.